Charles Dowding's Skills for Growing

Charles Dowding's Skills for Growing

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Skills for Growing

Sowing, Spacing, Planting, Picking, Watering and More

The knowledge and techniques you need for successful vegetable growing, based on Charles’ decades of experience

  • Grow vegetables easily throughout the year
  • Use time creatively to maximise growth
  • Learn cost-effective and productive-per-area methods
  • Learn to plan, sow, multisow, transplant, space, water, harvest, and succeed with succession

Skills for Growing illustrates how you create planting plans and advises on succession and rotation, interplanting and multisowing, how to propagate plants and quick ways to set them in the ground.

It gives detailed information on spacing, harvesting methods and timings, watering, and using covers for both warmth and pest protection.

The book comprises 18 chapters, grouped into 6 parts. Each chapter is illustrated with  captioned, full-colour photographs from Dowding’s garden in Southwest UK.