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$25 FOR BOTH The Light and the Glory for Children and From Sea to Shining Sea for Young Readers

The Light and the Glory For Children by Peter Marshall & David Manuel with Anna Wilson Fishel Discovering God's Plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington How did Columbus, Squanto, John Winthrop, George Whitefield, and George Washington help make America a special nation? Does American democracy owe its start to the Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth? What happened as the generations that followed the Puritans moved west and settled new lands? THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY FOR CHILDREN makes clear to young readers ages nine to twelve how God worked through the founders of America to establish this nation. The years 1492 to 1789 begin the exciting story of God's plan for America. Study activities pose questions about the nation's future. Peter Marshall is a writer, minister and teacher. David Manuel is the author of many books, articles and poems as well as an editor. Marshall and Manuel are the authors of THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY and FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA,with total sales of nearly half a million copies. Ann Wilson Fishel, a graduate of the Wake Forest University School of Law, is currently busy with the home schooling of her four children. Prior to law school, her career included both communications and government work.

From Sea to Shining Sea for young readers by Peter Marshall & David Manuel with Anna Wilson Fishel Discovering God's Plan for America FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA FOR YOUNG READERS tells America's story during its first fifty years. These were the days of Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Boone. Francis Asbury and Charles Finney. Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. During these years Conestoga wagons and circuit riders became famous. Indian wars and slavery were major concerns, and the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Trail expanded American boundaries from sea to shining sea. But God was also at work in the young nation, giving its settlers opportunities to shape its history and to be His people. This book brings to life the exciting era between 1787 and 1837 for young readers ages 9 to 12. Study questions and answers for each chapter and a glossary of terms are included.