NEW 2022 Shortwave Radio  KA900 Voyager MAX

NEW 2022 Shortwave Radio KA900 Voyager MAX

  • $119.00

All in One Stereo Music Machine

Radio AM|FM|SW|NOAA Weather, MP3 Player with Micro-SD Card, Bluetooth Connection and Stereo   Dual Speakers with Cellphone Hand Free, Recorder (Radio, Voice, Immediate  Recorder and Time Scheduled       Recorder), Alarm Clock, Text Browser, Calendar.


Multi-way Powered

Dynamo Cranking, Solar, Rechargeable Battery (18650), Micro-USB Port and DC-in Jack


Multi-function Emergency Radio

True Emergency Gadget. Perfect for black-out,     earthquake, hurricanes and any situation that you    need power and information, plus music!


Bright Light Mode

Bright 5 LED Adjustable, Tilt-Angle Reading Lamp and Flashlight.